It’s never easy, but saying goodbye is a natural and healthy part of the grieving process. At our funeral home, this can take place in a number of ways. From a more traditional ceremony joined by family and friends, to a private, meaningful service with your immediate family. Regardless of how you want to say goodbye, our professional staff is ready to serve.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a process in which intense heat is used to transform the body back to its basic elements. The body, enclosed in a container approved for cremation, is placed in a cremation chamber. The soft tissue is vaporized. What remains is not ashes, but bone fragments weighing from three to nine pounds on average. This is what is contained in the cremation urn.

Cremation does not take the place of customary funeral services; it is just one form of preparing the body for final disposition. Cremation and burial offer the same services, including music, prayers, and recitations of your choice. You can having viewing and visitation arrangements, with an open or closed casket (or no casket at all) for as long or as short a period as you wish.

Cremation Choices

Choosing cremation offers several choices for service and memorialization. The following considerations will help you determine the type of event that would be most meaningful to you, your family, and friends.

  • Do you prefer to offer friends and extended family the opportunity to say goodbye and offer their love and support with a public viewing or memorial service?
  • Do you prefer to conduct ceremonial services at a church or place of worship?
  • If family and friends are coming from a great distance, do you prefer to arrange for a memorial service following the cremation?

Whatever your preference, our staff will work one-on-one with you to create an appropriate tribute. To help simplify the planning and arrangement process, the offerings described represent the most popular choices of our client families who elect cremation. Each of these packages offers our Signature Service Commitment.

Signature Services

Snodgrass Funeral Home’s Signature Service includes:

  • Creative planning of meaningful tribute services
  • Coordination with clergy, florists, cemetery, crematory, or other complementary service providers
  • Acquisition and completion of necessary government forms, including death certificates, veterans benefit forms, and other required documents
  • Assistance with insurance and/or U.S. Veterans claims

Selecting a Memorial

There are several options for choosing a peaceful, final resting place for your loved one, including:

  • Home – Urns for keeping in your private residence
  • Niche – Urns designed for placement in the niche of a church or mausoleum
  • Burial – Urns crafted to conform to placement in a cemetery
  • Scattering – Urns specially designed to facilitate scattering