About Us

Proudly serving South Charleston and the Kanawha Valley for over 85 years

Conveniently located in South Charleston, which is the heart of the Kanawha Valley. We have many services available to meet the needs of our customers. A few of these include Catering Options, Video Memorialization, and our NEW Live Feed Recording.

We are centrally located, serving South Charleston, Charleston, St. Albans, Cross Lanes, and most recently started serving the families of Kanawha City (which is only 3.5 miles away). Our central location, free off street parking, and spacious facility make it easily accessible, and convenient for those living in the Kanawha Valley.

Did you know?

  • We provide ample parking that is FREE and Handicapped Accessible.
  • We offer the finest professional vehicles available.
  • You have access to Pre-planning Services as well as Cremation Services through Snodgrass Funeral Home.

Our History

In 1936 Snodgrass Funeral Home was started with a loan from the First National Bank of South Charleston. The loan was made on a hand shake and a guarantee that the family would keep the funeral home in South Charleston. Eighty-five years later, L.J. Fairless, his wife and their two children continue to honor that original commitment. (Read more)