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L.J. Fairless

4th Generation Owner

Born and raised in South Charleston, L.J. moved to Pt. Pleasant in 1980 with his father, during his senior year in high school. After graduation, he received a scholarship in speech and debate at Marshall University, where he majored in speech broadcasting and marketing. Upon completing his education at Marshall, he started his career in broadcasting at a local radio station in Charleston. Although he loved the broadcasting field, an opportunity presented itself and L.J. soon began working in the family business. He was named president of Snodgrass Funeral Home in 1992, and after the deaths of his grandmother and mother in 1995, he became owner and operator in 1996.

L.J. is married to Lia DiTrapano Fairless and they have two children, Ben and Francesca, and their dog, Roma. He enjoys traveling, playing golf, skiing, gardening, reading and, most of all, spending time with his family and friends. In addition, L.J. takes the time to co-host and emcee the television broadcast of the Armed Forces Day Parade and Christmas Parade in South Charleston each year. These are great events in our community and are broadcast locally on the CW Network.

Service has always been first and foremost in the Snodgrass family, and with over thirty years in this profession, L.J. inherited the tradition of giving back to his community. He has taken this love for community and has launched a special philanthropic portal at, where organizations in the community can request support for various community activities and events. He loves the Kanawha Valley and is very proud to be actively involved in a leadership capacity for a variety of civic and community organizations.

Current & Past Board Involvement

  • FestivALL Board of Directors – Vice President
  • The Foundation for Thomas Health – Board of Directors
  • South Charleston Police Commissioner
  • TIF Board of Directors for South Charleston Development Project
  • Education Alliance Business Partner for Richmond Elementary School
  • Numerous Committee Memberships
  • Acting Chairman for Many Events
  • Member of the South Charleston Rotary Club – Past President
  • South Charleston Area Development Corporation – Past President
  • Kanawha Country Club – Past President
  • South Charleston Chamber of Commerce – Past Board of Directors Officer
  • WesBanco – Past Advisory Board of Directors
  • South Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau – Past Board Member
  • South Charleston Area Community Advisory Panel – Past Board Member at the Tech Park
  • St. Albans Renaissance Board of Directors – Past Board Member