Meet Greg

Greg Hudson
Apprentice Funeral Director

Greg’s family roots are in South Charleston, but he was raised in Putnam County and graduated from Winfield High School in 1991. He earned degrees from both God’s Bible School & College and Indiana Wesleyan University and has completed post-graduate work with the Webber Institute for Worship Studies. As an ordained minister, he has pastored churches in Ohio and West Virginia, and since 2008, has pastored Dunbar Church of the Nazarene.

Greg has been married to Julie for 29 years and is the proud father of Hannah—who is a recent graduate of West Virginia State University and third year medical student at Marshall University. He is also “second daddy” to Joyceline, Joshua, and Josie; and dog-dad to bothDaisy” and “Krinkle.”

Greg enjoys working with the great team at Snodgrass Funeral Home and loves to serve people in their time of need, helping them to honor life.

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