Robert Throckmorton

Charleston, WV

Robert Throckmorton

Robert Emich Throckmorton, 81, of Woodbridge, Virginia, passed away on October 17, 2021 at Charleston Area Medical Center Memorial Hospital in Charleston, WV.

Bob Throckmorton was a life-long musician. A graduate of South Charleston High School, he served in the United States Army as member of the US. Army Band. Following his military service, he attended Concord College, earning a degree in Music Education. Later in life, he also earned an MS degree in Industrial Arts, Bob loved teaching young people, and spent his professional life as a Music Teacher and Band Director in the Prince William County, VA Public School System. After retirement from the school system, he continued to teach music to young people in support of the community of home-schooled children. He was also known for painting a house or two on occasion.

Bob was an avid golfer and enjoyed spending time with his golfing buddies.  He also cherished time spent with his several pseudo-adopted grandchildren. Bob loved people and socialization, and was loved by everyone who had the privilege to know him!!

He was preceded in death by his parents, Charlotte Emich and Arthur Leland Throckmorton.

Bob is survived by his beloved wife, Lucille “Lucy” and three brothers.

A Graveside Service to Honor the Life of Bob will be held at 12:30 pm, Monday, October 25, 2021 at Cunningham Memorial Park, St. Albans, WV with Rev. Sharon Gearing officiating. Friends may visit at Snodgrass Funeral Home, South Charleston from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm on Monday, October 25, 2021. We respectfully request for masks to be worn while inside the funeral home.

Memories of Bob may be shared by visiting and selecting the obituary. Arrangements are in care of Snodgrass Funeral Home.

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  1. Andy Throckmorton says:

    For all of Bob’s many friends, please do not hesitate to leave some words or memories here. We appreciate all those who have contacted us with your heartfelt sympathy and wonderful memories you have shared with our brother. On behalf of myself, David, Skeets & Lucy, we say “thank you from the bottom of our hearts” for your thoughts and fellowship you share in his memory. Through each of you, he will live on in our hearts forever.


    The Throckmorton Family

  2. James Edward Ayers says:

    What about Bob? or better yet “Where’s Bob?” This was a question asked about Bob on many different golf courses. We would lose Bob as he was hunting for his golf ball maybe over a hill. We would wait for a minute or two and sure enough we would hear “Blankety, blank, blank, blank” and almost together we would say, “There he is.”. Or another scenario, we would be n a green and Bob would be back down the fairway talking to a grounds keeper. Then there are Bob’s golf clubs of the moment because he probably owned a set of every club made by man. All of us at one time or another used a set of Bob’s discarded clubs.
    What about Bob? This about Bob, he was one of the kindest, gentlest men I have ever known and I am proud and honored to say he was my friend. For the remainder of my years Bob will have a special place in my heart much as a brother would have. Sai

  3. Lionel Steven Taylor says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear of Bob’s illness and passing. He was my closest childhood friend once we met in the seventh grade. We remained in touch and played golf with a fifty member group known as The Mulligans. Many members have expressed their sympathy with such thoughts as “a fun loving guy”, “a delight and a gentleman” and “a great guy and fun to be with”, among others. He was all of those things and more and will be greatly missed.

    On behalf of the Taylors and The Mulligans, our fondest memories of Bob, and our deepest sympathy with Lucy, Skeets, David and Andy Throckmorton.

    Steve, Tom and Sulynn Taylor

  4. Phyllis Fenwick says:

    So sorry for your loss. Bob and I were classmates in the class of 1958 at South Charleston High School. Thoughts and prayers for all.

  5. Tim Miller says:

    Mr. Throckmorton (as I knew him) was my band director at Rippon Middle School. He got me started in music and I still love and play music today. I have so many memories of my three years with him as our teacher. My first day we were all picking instruments and I always wanted to play drums but when we got to the “M’s” on the class roster all the drummer slots were full. He said to me “what’s your second choice?” and I asked him what was the next loudest instrument and he said Tuba so I took up the Tuba.
    I went on to continue playing Tuba all through middle school and high school and I actually went to college as a Tuba major. Mr. Throckmorton started me on a path I couldn’t have imagined at the time and today I still play music. He was always a thoughtful and caring teacher and so many of us came to love music because of him. I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years but I always remember his impact. I am sorry for your loss and wish all of you the best.
    Dr. Tim Miller

  6. Tammy (Long) Lyons says:

    I absolutely loved band class at Rippon Middle. He always had such a great sense of humor. I will never forget him. Rest In Peace Mr. Throckmorton.

  7. Michael Chapman says:

    Mr. Throckmorton gave me my love for music at Rippon Middle School from 1977 to 79. He taught me the scales on my coronet, which I still have today and how to read music. He was a special man and a great teacher! Thank you Mr. Throckmorton and God Speed.

  8. Kristin Florin (Thurnher) says:

    throcky was a close family friend. i’ve known him for over 33 years of my life. he taught me to change a tire and change the oil on his gold cadillac. i will always remember his devilish grin and wink. he was adored and will be greatly missed.

  9. Imago Mana FKA Vanessa Dorsey says:

    I had him for band all three years at Rippon. He was one of my favorite teachers. I dont remember seeing him after I left Rippon. It was over 50 years ago and I can see him conducting and feel my fingers playing the flute like it was yesterday. Good times. Rest well Mr. Throckmorton.

  10. Jim Elliott says:

    Mr. Throckmorton was a caring, sensitive music teacher. He treated all of his students with respect (I was one of them in Rippon Middle). I only remember him raising his voice at our large, sometimes a little rowdy band class. He said “Shut up!” after which we apologized profusely saying he didn’t like to use such harsh, loud language.

    He was a good man and we were lucky to have him play a role as mentor and artist during a formative period of our lives. Peace and blessings for his family.

    Rev. James (Jim) Elliott

  11. Kris and Jason Blanchette says:

    We met Bob as regulars at Pizza Gourmet in Woodbridge. We have loved him as a dear friend ever since. Many stories, jokes, and hugs later, we were sad to see him move to WV and crushed when we heard of his passing. He will be greatly missed, and we will forever have a seat held at our annual holiday party with a glass of JD in his memory. Cheers in heaven – we miss you buddy.

  12. Jeanie Jordan says:

    Bob came into our family 20 years ago, when he married my sister. From day one he was and forever be a part of our family. Bob would call before he came in to visit to let me know he was bringing his tool box with him just in case we needed something repaired. He had the best sense of humor and always cared about every one. An all around good person. My life is better just to know Bob. I wish we could have kept him longer. He was truly a gift to our family.from God. He will never be forgotten.

  13. Myrna Thurnher says:

    Bob Throckmorton was our first friend in Virginia when we moved to Woodbridge in 1988. Happy Hour at Kilroys with Bob and a few other Rippon Middle School teachers became a weekly occurrence. He moved on to Lake Ridge Middle, from which he retired, but never ignored his Rippon friends.

    Our friendship was truly a family affair. He enjoyed a beer or two or three with my husband. He loved our children. He called our son, who is in the Army, the General. He bought Jeff his 1st Army hat when Jeff graduated from college. He gave our daughter and friends a ride in his Cadillac to her 8th grade dance. He gave her tools for her graduation, and taught Kris how to change a tire and check fluid levels. Throcky never stopped asking about the kids every time we spoke.

    He took care of us – painting many rooms in our home, changing door knobs, caulking bathtubs (He early on recognized our weaknesses); he was a perfectionist.

    Bob was one of a kind. We called him the Mayor of Woodbridge. There was never a person who Bob couldn’t make conversation with. We loved Bob and will miss him terribly. It was truly our privilege to have known him.

  14. Lynne Throckmorton-Badegian says:

    I’m so very saddened by your passing Bob but elated that you have finished your journey and are in the arms of our Lord! I keep picturing my Grandma’s face as you pass through the pearly gates and are re-united with her and Grandpa. What a joyous event that must have been!
    Distance kept us from being very close, but the memories I have of you are of your amazing kindness to every human you met, your sense of humor, and the ever-present beer in your hand. You taught so many people to make and enjoy music, and that’s an amazing gift.
    You’re beautiful wife Lucy has a whole in her heart, and I pray that time and the love of family will help that to heal.
    Love you Bob!

  15. Rob craft says:

    I met Bob 20 years ago and we were instant friends
    Probably like most everyone that knew him.
    He was so kind to me right from the start. From taking care of my dog Emma when I was away to him and Lucy hosting a party for me and Tonni when we got married.
    The kindness never waned. I enjoyed being his friend…
    From playing golf, trips to Nags head, and most of all the banter back an forth over a beer at our favorite watering hole after a long day 🙂
    As we all age.. I’ve realized there are only a handful of people that you can honestly say ‘ this person made my life better’
    Bob made my life better. He was my best friend and I loved him.
    I’ll see ya down the road..

  16. Angie Jenkins says:

    I met Bob at Pizza Gourmet. I was his waitress there. I’ve known Bob for close to 20 years. Bob and his great friend Rob Craft would come into Pizza Gourmet and Rob always gave Bob a hard time and Bob would just laugh at him and shake his head. My mom worked there as well and if she wasn’t there he would always say “So how is your mother doing”. He was always concerned about everyone and how they were doing. We would always say Bob was the Mayor of Lake Ridge because he knew so many people. Bob and I shared the same birthday which is September 19th and every year he would make sure he came to Pizza Gourmet to wish US a happy birthday. I would always joke with him and say “Yes Bob we share the same birthday but definitely a different year, as to he had 40 years on me. Apparently I knew him when I was just a young girl busting tables at Lums restaurant back when I was 12 years old, in which was 30 years ago. I remember him ordering his eggs scrambled soft and I always would think how in the world can anyone eat their eggs like that. He would also have his beer with his eggs, which I thought was nasty too. Bob called me last month and told me he had moved to West Virginia. I was in shock that he had moved already. I assured him if he wanted to come back and visit that him and Lucy could stay at my house if they wanted to. He thanked me and told me how sweet I was. Bob was a very caring man and loved by so many. I will greatly miss Bob! From here on out I will have a Budlight on his birthday in memory of him. I would do a shot of Jack for him but I’m not sure I could handle that ( I don’t know how he drank that stuff). RIP Bobby us Pizza Gourmet crew will truly miss you and we will continue to share our fun times and memories about you. My condolences to Lucy and the family for the loss of Bob. Just know he was a well loved man!

  17. Thomas E Bernardo says:

    Bob was always enjoyable to be around. We painted together, golfed, and shared many good times. I am deeply saddened by his loss. He surely must be in heaven. He was such a great man. My condolences to the entire family. He is remembered in my prayers.

  18. Melanie Beck says:

    Affectionally known by me and my sister as Uncle Throcky, he was truly our uncle (in our hearts if not by blood). I can’t remember a family function he wasn’t at. I have too many memories to pick from! I remember when I was around 13? 14? he came to the house to play golf with my dad. He showed up in checkered shorts and a striped shirt!

    Just a couple of years ago, my daughter and I got to have lunch with him when we made a trip back east to visit family. I’m so glad we had that time with him. Didn’t think it would be our last.

    When my mom passed, he called frequently and we spent long conversations reminiscing. When my dad remarried and we went through a tough time, he talked me through it. I will miss him.

  19. Charlie Zeman says:

    “THROCKY”that was all I ever called him❤️Great musician;great teacher;great painter;great man;great friend!!he will be much missed in our lives❤️GODSPEED THROCKY!!❤️❤️❤️

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