Faye Johnson Fleet

December 1, 2018
St. Albans

Faye Johnson Fleet

Faye Johnson Fleet took her first breath on earth on March 19, 1927 and her last on December 1, 2018 when she was ushered into the heavenly kingdom of God.

She was born at the home of her late parents, J. Dewett and Mae Catherine Johnson, in Sinks Grove, WV.  Faye was the youngest of six siblings:  Ray B. Johnson, Joe D. Johnson, Edward L. Johnson, Thelma E. Johnson (Wilkerson) and R. Wellington Johnson.  They have all preceded her in death.

In 1946 she married Samuel R. Fleet and resided in the Charleston area where she gave birth to three children: Samuel R. Fleet, Jr., Cathy A. Fleet (Monderine), and Ellen J. Fleet.   They survive her.

In her business career she worked for the WV Depart. of Mines in the Oil and Gas Division serving as a clerk.  She retired from the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection in 1992.

Her dedication to her work was balanced by her love of family and her joy in playing the organ and piano.  For a time she was the pianist for Mt. Olivet Church in Charleston.

As her health declined she was lovingly cared for at home until the day the Lord received her.

She is survived by her three children and son-in-law Anthony L. Monderine; grandchildren: Drew R. and Leslie E. (Monderine) Fischer, James A. Monderine and Samuel J. Fleet; great grandchildren: Ellen K. Fischer, Jackson D. Fischer and Evan J. Fischer.

The family wishes to express their deepest appreciation to friends Cary and Pat White and Stephanie Michele Winter for all the love and support; to Dr. Amy D. Casto for faithfully attending Faye; for the care given by HospiceCare of WV.   We are also grateful to Snodgrass Funeral Home for handling the details of her burial at Sunset Memorial Park with honor and dignity.

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  1. Nancy Wickline says:

    i am sorry to hear of the passing of Faye. I met Faye in 1984 when I first began working for WV Oil and Gas. She was nice to me and we became friends. I felt Oil and Gas and as usual lost touch with her for some time. Years later, we met again at the Senior Swimmers Water Aerobics and became “new” friends again. Then this group was closed and again we lost touch. As is the case we found a connection again. Faye and I talked at times but both of us were not in great shape so we seldom saw each other. She found out that my husband and I crocheted and a project was requested for us to make. Faye then gave us a book of patterns in return. We enjoyed this book and our granddaughters have also in passing years.
    I remember Faye with love and respect and share this small time of her life in my life for you. She had the gift of warmth and friendship and we shared many times together. If you care to call — 304-766-6115


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