Meet Larry

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Larry Williams

Part-Time Funeral Attendant

Larry worked in the dental business for 42 years. He built dental offices all over central southern WV and also supplied dentists with their regular supplies. After retirement from Benco Dental in December 2014, he accepted a part-time position here at Snodgrass Funeral Home.

Larry previously lived in  St. Albans and was a City Councilman for 10 years. He was instrumental in building the city pool, starting Festival of Lights, building a boat ramp and he chaired the police and fire committee. Larry now lives in South Charleston with his wife and they have five children and six grandchildren who they enjoy visiting with locally, in Cincinnati and in Nashville. Their grandchildren keep them busy with baseball, soccer and volleyball. Larry and his wife are active members of St. Timothy Lutheran Church where he is an elder. They enjoy Florida in the winter months and frequent trips to Myrtle Beach anytime.  

Larry has known the Snodgrass family all of his life; they all went to church together when he was a small child.  He recalls Bill Snodgrass taking him on an ambulance ride after church one day–he says he’ll never forget that one. When not working, you can probably find Larry on the golf course with his (OLD) friends. He enjoys visiting with shut ins and spending time with people before surgery and those in the hospitals. Larry says that it’s a joy to be a part of a team of such wonderful, qualified, and caring people. A lot of people ask Larry, “I bet L.J. is a great guy to work for isn’t he”?  Larry says that his response is always the same, “yes he is, as long as everything is perfect.” That’s the reason we are so good at what we do here at Snodgrass Funeral Home!