Pre-Funeral Checklist

The following is a list of those items and information which you will need to provide to the funeral home upon meeting with the funeral director to prepare for the funeral of your loved one. To download a printable version of this list, click here. (requires Microsoft Word)

  • Deceased's Social Security number

  • Deceased's date of birth and place of birth

  • Deceased's father's name and mother's maiden name

  • Deceased's education level and occupation

  • Deceased's military record, including the DD214 (discharge paperwork)

  • Information for the obituary notice
    If you would like to have a picture please bring that with you as well. Please list the names and relations of all persons you would like to have listed in the obituary as preceded in death or survived by. List any personal information about your loved on you would like to have in the obituary as well as any thank you statements you would like to have in the obituary. If you have an in lieu of please provide the name, address and other information needed to be placed in the obituary. Click here for a list of local organizations.

  • Clothing, glasses and jewelry
    You may bring with you the clothing items you would like to have placed on your loved one to include full underclothing and sock. If you would like to have glasses placed on your loved on you may bring those as well. If you have jewelry to be placed on your loved one please talk to the funeral director about this before leaving that with the funeral home.

  • Clergy, beautician, organist/pianist or other musician
    Snodgrass Funeral Home can provide you with any of these services you may need. Upon speaking with the Funeral Director let them know your need and preferences.

  • Music, pictures, videos and other special arrangements
    You may want to talk to the funeral director about any requests you may have for special music, pictures, video requests or other special arrangements such as Dove Release, Full Military Burial etc….

  • Flowers
    If you would like Snodgrass Funeral Home to take care of these arrangements for you please let the funeral director know at the time of your meeting as well as your preference of floral arrangements. Click here for a list of local florists.

  • Types of services/arrangements/cemetery information/authorization
    The Funeral Director will discuss with you the service arrangements and obtain the cemetery information from you.