Items Needed for Probate

For a printable version of this list, click here. (requires Microsoft Word)

  • Deceased's Social Security number

  • Certified Death Certificate

  • List of all assets in the Decedent's name
    Prepare a list of all Assets in the Decedent's Name including joint accounts and ownership. Assets may include but are not limited too: bank accounts, insurance policies, investment accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, real estate, automobiles, recreational vehicles, personal items, cash, etc….

  • Fiduciary - Executor/Executrix - Proof of Identification
    You will need to take with you one form of Photo ID such as a valid Drivers License, Passport or other State or Federal Issued Photo ID.

  • Names and addresses of all beneficiaries listed in the will
    The list should include all beneficiaries (may include churches, charities, trustees of trusts, etc.) and heirs at law (spouse, children, children of any deceased children, if no spouse or children, list Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters, Nieces or Nephews).

  • Real Estate deed and tax ticket
    You will need to have copies of any Deeds and Tax Tickets for any and all Real Estate and Mineral Rights owned by the decedent at the date of death. If you are using an Attorney this is not necessary.

  • Consent
    If there is no surviving spouse or no beneficiary listed, you will need the consent from the majority of the heirs to be appointed over the Estate of the deceased. This consent must be NOTARIZED and accepted by the Office of the Fiduciary within the first 30 days after death of the decedent. After 30 days ANYONE may be appointed over the Estate WITHOUT consent.

  • Fees
    Fiduciary and Recording Fees will apply. They may range from $75.00 - $300.00 and must be paid in cash or check. The amount will be determined by the Deputy at the time you are appointed.

  • Probate Attorney
    You may elect to obtain a Probate Attorney to assist you in the Probation process. It is not required that you hire an attorney to go through Probate. This is merely and option for you, however if the decedents Estate is in excess of 1 million dollars, it is required that you have a Probate Attorney.

  • Bondsman
    When you begin the Probate process, you may find that you will need a bondsman to provide a surety on your behalf. Click here for a list of bondsmen in the local area that may be able to assist you in this matter.